Non GM part numbers on RO Dealertrack

Non GM part numbers on RO Dealertrack

Postby partsveteran » Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:00 pm

GM Dealertrack users. At times we have not choice but to use Non-GM parts for a repair. Maybe the parts from GM are obsolete, on backorder. How do you handle bill them on the repair order? GM is becoming very particular regarding Non-OE parts, they show up on the Sales Loyalty Report.
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Re: Non GM part numbers on RO Dealertrack

Postby 6200baldeagles » Wed Jul 03, 2024 5:00 pm

These would be considered "Eligible Excludable Parts". For take off wheels, you'd use something like "takeoff20". For discontinued engines, "DENGINES". You must use a noun name part on a Repair Order. From my experience, if you do it this way, when you run the sales loyalty report from the PASE dashboard, they're already in the excluded instead of the unrecognized tab. I would call your DMA and as them if they could give you more info. There was a sheet avaliable from Global but I can't find it anymore. Not sure if the DMS has anything to do with it at all to be honest.
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