Used Vehicle Manager Job Description?

Used Vehicle Manager Job Description?

Postby Strosnider » Thu Jun 27, 2013 1:50 am

Does anyone have a current job description for a "Used Vehicle Manager' they would like to share?

Recently promoted to the position from a Fixed Ops. and my key areas of responsibility are as clear as mud on most days. I admit we a smaller dealership selling less then 100 new & used per month and this may be a contributing factor as limited staffing forces us to wear many hats but would like something i can present to Owner that will engage us in a relevant 'roles and goals" conversation.

Or as l keep watching recorded webinars from DealersEdge (which major kudos to your company have helped me many times and will be a life long customer) is the position dying out of the dealership life as we know it?
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Re: Used Vehicle Manager Job Description?

Postby LyssaLou » Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:56 pm


Title: Used Vehicle Sales Manager

Enacted: 10-04-11

Reports to: General Manager

FLSA Status: Exempt

The Used Vehicle Sales Manager creates and maintains the image of the dealership through advertising and is a prominent presence within the dealership, interacting cordially with sales staff and customers. The Used Vehicle Sales Manager is directly responsible for ensuring that the department operates in a manner acceptable to upper management. It is the responsibility of this manager to accurately plan and forecast sales, to develop annual sales goals for the dealership as part of an annual business plan, and then to constantly monitor the dealership's sales in relation to the plan, revising the plan when appropriate.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the Used Vehicle Sales Manager to hire and develop the sales staff for the dealership and to ensure customer satisfaction. In sales situations, this manager helps to complete the sale, balancing the needs of the customer, the salesperson, and the dealership. Importantly, the Used Vehicle Sales Manager is responsible for the training, development, and motivation of the sales staff and serves as a role model for them.

As the manager responsible for vehicle sales, this manager must know all of the variables which will affect the business plan, such as: supply, demand, profit, competition, promotion, pricing, manufacturing issues, insurance rates, and finance rates. He/she must me able to take measures to compensate for the unexpected. The Used Vehicle Sales Manager is responsible for maintaining a well-balanced inventory and selling each unit at a maximum gross with minimum expense. He/she will be responsible for appraising, reconditioning, displaying, and merchandising the vehicles. He/she will set objectives for the department and accomplish them through planning, organizing, controlling, and measuring the performance of sales people.

Essential Duties:
Forecasts goals and objectives for the department and strives to meet them.

Strives for harmony and teamwork with all other departments.

Prepares and administers an annual operating budget for the department.

Attends Manager Meetings as requested.

Establishes recommended unit sales and dollar gross profit objectives for the Daily Operating Control.

Forecasts controllable expense elements for the department.

Understands, keeps abreast of, and complies with Federal, State, and local regulations that affect the sales of the department.

Hires, trains, motivates, counsels, and monitors the performance of the department employees.

Directs and schedules the activities of all department employees.

Conducts daily and weekly sales training meetings as directed by the General Manager.

Monitors the sales staff's payroll records.

Oversees the efforts of salespeople to enhance the image and customer satisfaction ratings of the dealership.

Communicates with salespeople to ensure that dealership policies and procedures are understood and followed.

Set sales and gross objectives for salespeople.

Guides all salespeople in setting their objectives on a short-term and long-range basis.

Establishes a program which ensures that salespeople are kept informed of all new inventory.

Assists in developing programs of improvement for those salespeople who are failing to reach their objectives.

Recommends for dismissal any salespeople failing to meet company standards.

Works with salespeople on programs that will increase the per vehicle gross and increase F & I penetration.

Establishes and enforces product knowledge standards.

Develops, implements, and monitors the use of a prospecting program.

Helps salespeople close deals when necessary. (Turnover mandatory)

Maintains standards for the delivery of vehicles to customers.

Assists in the development of advertising campaigns and other promotions.

Communicates daily with the New Vehicle Department to coordinate trade-ins.

Monitors customer and market analyses to determine what customers want to buy.

Plans and controls the displays of vehicles.

Maintains a Used Vehicle inventory that features a variety of colors, models, and equipment.

Attends the auction as needed on a regular basis.

Seeks out good quality, low mileage units at other dealerships, from newspaper ads, and any other sources available.

Works with the General Manager to ensure an effective turn policy.

Establishes standards for appraising vehicles.

Establishes procedures for the use of forms for appraising and reconditioning.

Ensures that cosmetic and mechanical reconditioning is performed within the dealership's cost and time limitations.

Establishes and controls wholesaling, with Dealer's concurrence.

Ability to read and comprehend instructions and information. High School diploma or equivalent. Two years of sales experience. One year of supervisory experience. Excellent communication, supervisory, and managerial skills. Broad knowledge of all types of vehicles. Professional personal appearance. Must possess a valid driver's license and be insurable by our company insurance carrier.

Working conditions:
The Used Vehicle Sales Manager works both indoors and out, moving about the dealership and lot to communicate with salespeople and customers. He/she works closely with the F & I department, the New Vehicle Sales departments, Parts & Service departments, and Body Shop. Weekend, evening, and holiday hours will be required. He/she will be required to attend auctions. May go on test drives.

This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts, or working conditions associated with the job. While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, management reserves the right to revise the functions or duties of the job, or to require that additional or different tasks be performed when circumstances arise (emergencies, changes in personnel, workload, rush jobs, or technological developments).

I have carefully read and understand the contents of this job description. I understand the responsibilities and duties expected of me. I also understand that this job description does not constitute a contract of employment nor alter my status as an at-will employee. I have the right to terminate my employment at any time and for any reason, and the dealership has a similar right.

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Employee Signature Date

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Management Signature Date
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Re: Used Vehicle Manager Job Description?

Postby Strosnider » Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:41 am

Thank for the reply. This looks great
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