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Postby ProFinDirector » Tue Nov 30, 2021 10:46 pm

We have been on Tekion DMS almost 6 months now. I joined this forum just to voice my GREAT DISDAIN for this Elementary School GARBAGE they have sold our group. It is way too encumbering on every function, click and maneuvering. Reynolds&Reynolds, Dealertrack and even Arkona are pieces of cake compared to this Rubix cube. They came in with extremely poor training, and half of our Finance Dept. functions were untrained and don't work. Now, every week, something that wasn't broken, breaks. It is causing multiple kicked contracts, horrible accounting with our vendors, Finance Reserves have all been accounted for incorrectly causing HUGE chargebacks to our producers, it is incredibly slow in the FI Menu, sometimes taking up to 20 minutes just to get a warranty to print. Forms menu is an absolute mess. The entire dealership (200-400 units/mo) is regularly stressed out because of Tekion. If our employees performed the way this system performs, they would all have been fired 3 months in. Shame on Tekion for selling such a misrepresented, ill-fated, poorly designed and managed piece of S%*! You belong in court right behind Elizabeth Holmes with Theranos for bilking investors and dealers with your dollar store system.
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Re: Tekion DMS Review

Postby Parts007 » Wed Dec 01, 2021 1:35 pm

First of all, welcome to the Dealersedge Forum. You will find a large variety of helpful advice and range of experiences here. I am sorry your experience with Tekion is so poor, as if our positions are not difficult enough without having to deal with those issues you stated.

This could happen to any of us as the decision makers for the DMS usually are not the users of the DMS. They just see the $$ and the Party Balloons from the sales rep. 10 years ago at another dealer we switched from R&R to Dealertrack when they first came out. I was able to prove to my controller that Dealertrack logic and internal calculations handling my parts transactions were false. I never trusted it after that.
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