Free One Hour Workshop: Service Dep. Health Check

Free One Hour Workshop: Service Dep. Health Check

Postby John@DealersEdge » Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:21 pm

How Healthy is Your Service Department? Let’s Perform a Check Up
Limited Time Only!
No Charge Access to this one hour workshop.

Featuring: Ed Kovalchick of Net Profit, Inc
Program Length: 60 minutes

Annual check ups are a means of auditing your health and wellbeing. Same goes for all dealership departments. Ed Kovalchick offers some guidelines to establish just how well your Service Department is performing.

Consistency in your service processes is the primary key to maintaining high levels of performance that will benefit customers, employees and profitability.

You will discover:

How to establish and maintain “Consistent Processes” through documented instructions.
How to audit these “Consistent Processes” to insure compliance and efficiencies
How to make these “Consistent Processes” part of your organizational culture
Borrowing from the success of others: How major hotel chains develop and maintain consistently high levels of compliance and performance in all locations
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