[help] returning job search after 3+ years

[help] returning job search after 3+ years

Postby Pookie » Mon Jan 10, 2022 9:44 pm

Hello! I have worked as a warranty administrator in the past, and looking back I can I can admit I was not very good. The technical aspect was not a challenge for me. For example: navigating my way through the software, learning the software, everything to do with the tech side came easy. However, being honest with my self now-- I did not know very much about cars. And it really held me back looking back now... I want to give it another shot because I believe this job can be rewarding if you're good at it.

I came here to ask for recommendations on books where I can grow my knowledge more on car engines, seeking anything to do with car engines. I know there are not books designed for warranty admins, but I wanted to go into this journey per say as if I am a car mechanic learning about engines. Right now I'm sitting at Barnes and nobles and there selection is not helping me very much.

Are there any good books I can read on car engines breaking down the categories on car engines? For example: transmissions, axels, body, engine, windows, etc..
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