Help with Arkona System in Fixed Ops

Help with Arkona System in Fixed Ops

Postby BobSilcox » Sun Dec 02, 2007 12:53 pm

Attention Arkona:

You have Issues that need to be FIXED or addresses! I am not saying that every Dealership in the country does not have daily issues but your DMS system should be a workable tool that supports your day to day operations and can help you drive your business it should not be a tool that you are unsure of and need to spend time every day checking things. In another post about DMS systems their is a lot of chatter about DMS systems what they are and what they are not. I have been in the industry for a long time have used just about every system out their with a major name. As a lady said in another post Arkona is what it is and as long as you are willing to understand that you will not get frustrated with the system on a daily basis. In the other post in this forum a person is talking about having a forum where users could get together, Arkona this should be your call to arms, give it to us users that are interested in trying it help you folks get user friendly. You say you are but I find it's very difficult to get the answers to keep the D.P.'s happy at the Dealership and the manufactures satisfied with what they want and we need to supply. Data, Data, it's a tool and should not be an anchor!! Pay Attention Arkona you have users asking you for a tool to help you understand what goes on in Dealer World in Todays Markets not 10 years ago. I understand you have hired a lot of Dealer people but are their experience current in TODAYS business climate or over the last 2 to multiple years. Arkona Senior Management you need to listen to your users everybody is not happy with the same old words, well it is what it is! Be a player in the DMS market and get real. I am sorry to say that I have talked to a lot of users in my 20 groups across the country and many other Arkona users and they all have the same story!! Is it a fact that we just put up with the verbiage "It's what it is and just accept it. I THINK you have a lot of users out there that would like to have a user Forum that you guys would listen to and make necessary fixes to your system. How about making sure you have all the links to the Manufactures you work with work and stay working. How about a Quote system so we can have something like some of the other DMS systems out there. How about some customer reporting links where we can build some customer reports. How about a way to lock down service and parts pricing so it does not change! How about Op codes that can be locked down. What about a link to a POS system where those of us that want to really want to be in the QUICK SERVICE Business in quick oil changes, tires, brakes, batteries, and the TOP 20 items that our competition are doing with a POS system that is Touch screen? How about Quick Parts billing and Quick Service Billing POS systems that will either link-up to build in? Guys we just need HELP in Dealer World for those of us that want to be Competitive in our Markets Places and having a Computer System that is Quick and User friendly with Parts, Service, and the ultimate accounting office. I can't say anymore Arkona but if you want my opinion as to what is going on in the Car World today it's not what you are doing and most of the other DMS systems either let's all get in the 21 Century and do Business. Fixed Operations needs every tool we can have to help us make net profits for the Dealers so they will continue to support us!
HELP! - HELP! - HELP! And not just me the whole Arkona Community..............

Bob Silcox

Help with Arkona System in Fixed Ops

Postby mgl » Tue Dec 04, 2007 12:45 pm

Sounds like you need to combine your system with VW's new warranty system! Now THAT'S a
marriage made in (!) I feel your pain.

It only pays two tenths!

Help with Arkona System in Fixed Ops

Postby cantfind12 » Thu Dec 06, 2007 12:23 am


I totally agree with your post but have to add a caveat or two. The business has become incredibly complicated and we are trying to mesh many variables. In defense of DMS providers they are the common demonitator between customer, dealer, manufacturer and government. Writing software to meet all of those interests is tenuous and conflicting. I am not defending Arkona or the company I currently work for, however, having worked for several dealers, 3 manufacturers and a fairly major DMS provider I can say it is a constant tight rope walk as to who's interest you represent. The world we life in is rife with this type of dynamic and unfortunately it touches the craft we have immersed ourselves in. I want to start a hot dog stand because I think it will fly under the radar but then I start thinking about all the possible liabilites. I'm not sure where to go and it sounds like you feel the same way. So we sucumb to the system(s), become desensitized and feel remorse that the world was a better place (academically) when it wasn't so global. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't recall as many Mall shootings in the '70s. Of course there weren't as many malls. We all do better when WE ALL do better.

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