New Year Ideas

New Year Ideas

Postby msheri » Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:02 am

With the current climate in the industry, a few thoughts for a New Year "Tune Up"

Dust off or find the Policies and Procedures manual. Review it again, looking for updates or new information you may have missed.

Do a sample repair order review. Do the documents meet the factory criteria for documentation (3 c's, time punches, authorizations, etc)? Over time, this tends to become lax, and shortcuts get taken. Are required authorizations and signatures present. Are added operations properly approved and documented?

Review parts retention and return procedures and requirements with the parts manager and whoever is doing the actual returns. With the staff reductions in many stores, the person now handling this task may need your help.

Review the labor time guides for changes and information you may have missed. Review deficiencies in documentation that may be costing techs and the dealership money.

Review your submission time frames and accuracy. Look at stumbling blocks to quick submission and look for error patterns like a high reject rate for vehicle out of warranty. Institute countermeasures to prevent these errors rather than dealing with them after the fact.

Just my .02

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