Anyone out there paperless?

Anyone out there paperless?

Postby franks283 » Thu Nov 02, 2006 5:44 pm

Meaning, does anyone out there not file away accounting/warranty copies, and just have hard copies to file?

Anyone out there paperless?

Postby fburrows » Thu Nov 02, 2006 6:13 pm

We combined the office copy with the hard copy. At a GM store I changed the color of the hard copy to white. Then filed the office copy of the invoice attached to the white hard copy at the cashiers counter after accounting processed the days business. This was the only copy filed by RO number in the dealership. The cashier was allowed to give anyone a copy but the original had to stay in the file. The warranty copies were filed by the warranty document number. This always shocked auditors but it meets the criteria and they could easily find all the information normally available to them using the history in the computer along with this file.

Frank Burrows

Anyone out there paperless?

Postby slapenta » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:58 pm

What is Ford's Policy and Procedure regarding ADP Electronic Repair Order?

Is the dealership required to utilize and file a technician workorder hardcopy or is the ERO technicians story acceptable?

Anyone out there paperless?

Postby robc » Fri Nov 03, 2006 8:25 am

Auditors have varying levels of comfort on electronic ROs and paperless filing. However, most manufacturers make allowance for it. Some stumbling blocks are -

1) You are either pure ERO or you are not. You are either paperless or you are not. ERO is the lack of paper for the RO/shop production, paperless is a lack of a paper document retention.

2) If you print a hard copy, just for the customer to sign, you are not a pure ERO and will likely fall under the rules as a hybrid - meaning traditional filing requirements would apply.

It is much easier to be a hybrid ERO and completely paperless document retention. Again, warranty auditors sometimes distrust the process but there is growing acceptability

3) Some ERO systems are not compliant with the manufacturers rules - for instance being able to approve add-ons and straight time before the repair begins. In some system you can not add such approval notes until after the line is closed - meaning it will show up after-the-fact. On a similar line of thought, no more catching those add-ons days after-the-fact as everyone will know the true time it was approved.

== Rob ==

Anyone out there paperless?

Postby bass » Sat Nov 04, 2006 8:52 am

We have Quorum as our DMS system and we are hybrid. the only thing we use the hard copy for is the customers signature, and we attach any sublets. All the submissions and rejects are all done paperless. I can reprint a warranty copy of any ro in seconds, which lets us file our hard copies in numeric order, which saves alot of time. I can also look at the history of submissions on a claim, so when i work on rejects i can see what was submitted each time by one click of the mouse. This system has a few little bugs, but if you are looking for a DMS system for the future, i would suggest looking at Quorum.

Anyone out there paperless?

Postby GMFXDOPSMGR » Mon Nov 06, 2006 8:20 am

We are "hybrid". We print a hard copy for the techs. All signatures, comments, estimates, authorization appear on the hard copy or attached estimate sheets. All sublets are attached to the hard copy. When the customer picks up, a copy of the invoice is printed for them. An accounting copy is also printed for warranty. This has the customer signature also. We then "scan" all doucments, then downloaded to a disc daily. We have no filing at all. GM accepts the reproduced documents without question. They are exact duplicates of the originals. Everything is scanned, customer, internal, warranty. We even scan the warranty submission slip so we have the same documentation as the original. We are on Reynolds ERALink DMS system. All documents can be pulled up in seconds, printed for whoever needs them. Just had a mini audit from our rep, got every thing he requested as he waited.

Anyone out there paperless?

Postby theIDMSman » Thu Dec 14, 2006 4:06 pm

for bass. what can you tell me about quorum. Are you on the GM IDMS. BTW in my Username IDMS stands for Independant Dealership Marketing System, nothing to do with GM IDMS (although a coincidence). I am a consultant and have a client who asked me to evaluate Quorum.

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