Changes to the DealersEdge Forums

Changes to the DealersEdge Forums

Postby jimmuntz » Tue Nov 28, 2006 10:35 am

Notice to all DealersEdge Forum Participants-

For almost eight years DealersEdge has provided these forums to the dealership community and we have done so free-of-charge. Until this time we have resisted advice that suggested that we should charge for the service. Unfortunately that will soon change.

DealersEdge earns its keep by creating management education opportunities for auto dealership managers. We are best known for our newsletters, but also create learning opportunities via teleseminars, live conference events and through special reports and manuals.

The DealersEdge family of industry newsletters, manuals, seminars, special reports, and online discussion forums is designed to keep dealership managers up to date on developments in automotive retailing, to provide those managers with ideas for improving their business management skills, and to let industry professionals know how their peers in the business are solving common industry problems.

Regardless of how that information is delivered, it has value.

For some time now we have noticed that the information exchanged on the forums has lessened the reliance on our print newsletters. Some have told us directly that they no longer subscribe to the newsletter because the information shared on the DealersEdge forum is so useful.

We, of course, like to think that we provide considerable value beyond what is found on the forum discussion threads, but we do understand the point of view. However, it looks as if we have been hurt by the success of our own creation.

So, the free DealersEdge Forums have become a liability to our business model. As you might imagine, that cannot last indefinitely. Frankly, I am surprised that we have been able to hold out for the past eight years.

As of January 1, 2007, we will institute a new registration system for the DealersEdge Forums. All users will be asked to register again. Any users not subscribing to one of the DealersEdge newsletters will be required to pay for their access to the forums- to read or to post.

Subscribers to any DealersEdge print newsletter will be re-registered automatically, and will not be required to pay for forum access.

(Active subscribers will also be receiving notice of a new members only discount policy for teleseminars, conferences, special reports and manuals- watch for the details.)

Non-subscribers to the DealersEdge print newsletters will be required to pay for access choosing one of the following payment plans:

  • $12 per month (payment must be by credit card authorization)
  • $30 per quarter (again payment must be by credit card authorization)
  • $99 per year payment by invoice or credit card.

To re-register-

Username and Passwords will be emailed to you before January 1, 2007. Until then, forum access remains as is.

[u]Active subscribers to a DealersEdge newsletter will be notified shortly of your username and password and we will make it easy for you to remember.

We do realize that paying for this service will not be universally applauded by the forum community. We do appreciate your point of view on this question, but feel that this new policy is necessary to guarantee the future of DealersEdge and our ability to continue serving the dealership community in general and you in particular.

We sincerely hope that we do not lose a single member of our forum users and participants. If anyone feels that the fees outlined above represent an unusually difficult hardship for them personally or for their dealership, please do contact me directly and I will see what can be done to accommodate your situation.

Your participation is valued part of the success of the DealersEdge Forums, we only hope that our ability to continue this service in a profitable manner will be likewise valued by forum members.

Thank you for eight great years of forum activity and we sincerely are looking forward to many, many more.

My very best to you all,

Jim Muntz

P.S.- Again, active subscribers do nothing for now a new username and password will be emailed to you before January 1st. All non-subscribers to any DealersEdge print newsletter, must re-register before January 1st to retain access to the forums.

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