dealerships are funny

dealerships are funny

Postby franks283 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 2:01 pm

Feb. 15, a couple days ago, my wife was let go from her 2nd(part time) job, at a Dodge dealership. She's been doing warranty for about 20 years now...I've been doing it over 10. Long story short, it was kind of shocking, but understood, because the dealership wants to cut costs. Now the thing that is funny, is that we did this dealership good. A previous administrator wrote off quite a lot of claims, unchecked. We got a lot of that old stuff paid(including an engine). Our schedule was all under 30 days. We have a good relationship with the DM. We decreased their DAZE(warranty waste) dollars $5,000. My wife really doesn't seem to mind, but a discussion occurred. Apparently, warranty is not a big deal at this dealership, and anyone can do it. My wife seems to think that they will call us again sooner or later, and if they don't, they will call another outside service. Some dealers never learn. Backtracking, the previous adminstrator did a lousy job. Parts weren't collected, labor wasn't collected(.2 here, .1 there). And there are some LOPS, unpublished(not on dealerconnect) that are still good. A new administrator has no way of knowing. Plus, and this is the killer thing....I had already asked the DM about increasing their warranty labor rate. Guess that will be put on ice. It's a shame really, because the owner is the nicest person you'd ever meet, and I/We would have loved to do him good, in an area that a lot of dealerships neglect.

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