Pay for the Warranty Person

Pay for the Warranty Person

Postby Think Now 2009 » Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:51 pm

Warranty Administrator/Clerk Pay
With the advent of lower warranty repairs and the warranty cost going down, how has everyone dealt with their warranty person? Have you just left them alone and/or have you done any of the things listed below or others?

1: Cut Pay
2: Cut Hours
3: Combined Jobs
4: Added additional responsibilities
5: ----
6: ----


With tighter cost controls inside of our Dealerships we are looking at every way to cut cost. Is this one place you can cut??? I would love everyones FEEDBACK, Please.


Think Right Now

Think Right Now

Think Now 2009

Pay for the Warranty Person

Postby Rich Gilardi » Mon May 25, 2009 3:29 pm


Sorry it has been so long since your post, I'm new to this sight.

The value of a Warranty Administrator changes with Franchise. Some require more work than others. The value to an individual Dealer depends greatly on the workings of your Service Dept.

1. Who does R.O. reviews?
2. Who codes and books the Warranty claims? Does that person also pay the technician?
3. Are the Advisors trained by the Manufacturer to code properly?
4. IMPORTANT- How is the quality of work in the Service Dept.? Be honest with yourself on this one.
5. Is (are) your Warranty index in line when your Service rep visits?
6. Do you have alot of open Repair Orders more than 5 days old?
7. Does parts supply affect the days down for a car in the shop too often?

Without going into a long dissertation, all facets have an impact on the Warranty Administrator. Open ROs, coding corrections, flagging, Advisor pay, open RO counts, rental cars, and policy,(I'm probably missing a few) all have an effect. I know because I've made all the mistakes and had to fix many of my own and others throughout my career. Before I would cut, I would make sure I will still have a viable procedure for getting paid, and of course getting paid in a timely manner. Sometimes a Dealer doesn't know how much he(she) is not getting paid, because the Manufacturers are not philanthropists, and won't pay extra for things you forgot or just didn't claim.

None of this is really new news, but if I had the situation you have I would sit with the Service Manager and verify, and verify again that all the procedures would still work if the Administrator spent part of the day doing other things, or went away altogether. The answer is individualized based on the Dealer and the Manufacturer.

Hope I helped a little

Rich Gilardi
Rich Gilardi

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