Accounting Issues with ADP

Accounting Issues with ADP

Postby djs » Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:20 pm

We are having problems with where parts are being charged to on service tickets. Parts might go to an internal ticket when it was a retail customer. Accessories might get credit for a warranty part on an engine job. A tire got credited to accessories on a customer pay ticket. What schedule, screen, ? can I go to to fix these kinds of issues? I have called ADP and they don't have anyone that understands both parts, service and accouting that can help.
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Accounting Issues with ADP

Postby jazdale » Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:26 pm

Here's the scoop

Function RLT (report labor-types)
Should display a part sale account or the letters SRC. SRC means it uses a source accounting matrix.

Function USA (update source accounting)
Allows you to define by source, by labor-type which parts sale account to use.

First, print out the setups.
Notice source STD - this is a default source. Meaning - if the source is not listed elsewhere on the report, then it uses STD setups.

Notice your primary sources and the list of labor-types displayed. The first one is called Default. Similar to STD, if a labor-type doesn't display, then it assumes Default setup.

It is critical that you work through every scenario in your head and use the USA report to determine how the accounting will happen. It may be a quick fix, or it could be an overhaul.

See if you can trace why the bad RO posted the way it did using report USA.

The most common reasons why the setups get this way is because someone added sources in parts, or labor-types in service and didn't finish the USA setups. Other times, its because the counter people don't care which source they used. An example would be to add a tire to a non-tire source.

Other related helpful routines.
MSSO - list of sources
ULT - update labor-types

Good luck. We're here if you need us.

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