New app for marketers

New app for marketers

Postby Nick G. » Sat Apr 27, 2024 1:59 pm

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to share an idea for a new app designed specifically for marketers. Here’s what we’re thinking:

Exchange. Users nationwide can share their own promotional materials, whether they're crafted by an in-house designer or a contractor. In exchange, they can access materials from other users, with one key rule: users cannot see or download content from users in the same state. This avoids market confusion and maintains unique regional campaigns. We'll also implement a fair evaluation system for these materials, recognizing their varying quality and value.

Creation. Users can form creative collectives to design high-end advertising materials such as comprehensive web banner and video sets in various formats like jpeg, HTML5, and gif. Costs are shared among all participants, resulting in significant savings for everyone involved. This feature is ideal for companies promoting the same product type or brand and sharing common marketing objectives.

These are just the initial services our app will offer as it launches. We’ve designed these features to be straightforward to use, with detailed attention to both mechanics and interface to ensure they’re user-friendly. Yet, I wonder if the idea of collaborative creation and sharing in a B2B context might be too complex? In my view, modern advertising should prioritize efficiency over uniqueness and individuality, though not everyone may see it this way. In B2C sectors, practices like using shared platforms for used cars, equipment, and real estate have been common for some time. B2B also standardizes sales technology, when it comes down to it, and working methods in general.

Originally, our project aimed to support small businesses and individual dealers who lack the large advertising budgets, designers, or marketers needed for extensive promotions. However, I believe this tool could also be incredibly useful for 20 groups*.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think the concept stands up? We’ve ironed out all the implementation details, but I want to avoid a shot in the dark. Thanks for your input!

* A dealer 20 group is a small network of 12–20 automotive dealers with similar business models and operations, but who don't operate in the same market areas. The members of a dealer 20 group are considered allies rather than competitors
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